Salt? Yes, Please!

salt1A healthy, active lifestyle demands sufficient salt intake. Human life is dependent on the presence of sodium. People who are healthy should take 1 teaspoon per day, while unhealthy people require 1.5 teaspoons per day. It can be added to foods after cooking or put into foods while they are cooking.

Today’s table salt is 98% sodium chloride; no trace minerals, no natural balance. Ordinary table salt is a chemical as clean as Heroin or White Sugar.

It almost always contain additives, like  0.01% of potassium-Iodide, sugar (added as an anti-caking chemical), and aluminum silicate.

Sodium is an essential nutrient, a mineral that the body cannot manufacture itself but which is required for life and good health. Human blood contains 0.9% sodium chloride, or salt—the same concentration as found in saline solutions used to cleanse wounds.

Dr.  Bernard  Jensen,  author  of  Come  Alive,  stated,  “All  cellular   structures   become alive through electrolytic activity. Life begins with electrolytes. Trace minerals carry the life force in our bodies more than any other substance.”

Mineral salts create electrolytes. Electrolytes, often called the spark of life, are what carry the electrical currents throughout our bodies – sending messages to the cells in all of the different systems.

The goal of optimum health, a balance of nutrition and lifestyle, can go a long way to preventing illness. This goal begins with our everyday decisions, such as what kind of salt to use and to regard it as a very important nutrient to have daily.

Short answer: Table Salt – NO!

Sea Salt – Yes, please!

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