Grandma Ella’s Bread

2 tablespoons instant yeast, (also called bread machine yeast)*
4 cups water, lukewarm (may need more if using whole wheat)
10 cups flour , (whole wheat, white or half and half)
6 tablespoons honey , or unrefined sugar
4 teaspoons Salt
Olive oil
This basic bread recipe can be used for loaves, baguettes, pizza crust, or even pitas. It all depends on how you form your dough. In a large bowl mix flour, yeast, and salt (sugar too if using it) together. Add honey to the warm water and mix together. Add water, honey mixture to dry ingredients and mix together. Work dough together until a ball forms and the dough is elastic and smooth. Cover your dough ball with oil or no-stick spray. Proofing options (letting your dough rise) If using the dough soon: Place dough in a large bowl and cover with a moist towel and place in a draft free place to rise about an hour. When your dough has doubled in size form into desired shape and prepare according to desired style. If using later or for a deeper flavor: Split dough into 1/2 gallon size balls and place in gallon zip top bags. Place the bags in the refrigerator at least over night, 24 hours is best. You can keep the dough this way for up to five days. When ready take bag out of refrigerator and prepare according to desired style.

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