E-Zine for October 2014

It is autumn time here in New Mexico. We love autumn the mornings are brisk the afternoons are just delightful, chili roasters and the smell of chili in the air as well as hot air balloons everywhere. Right Now is the international ballon fiesta here in Albuquerque it is an amazing sight to see hundreds of hot air balloons in the air above you. That is one of the joys of living in Albuquerque.

This month we have been busy there are some new classes available on our podcast page, Dr. James is now using a new diagnosing tool thermal imaging and what monthly e-zine in the fall would be complete without a green chili recipe (we have two for you!)


Did you know that we post some of our free classes online for you to listen to later?  We have uploaded two classes this month:

1. Stress Class held at our training facility

2. The Power of thermal imaging held at Village Apothecary

These classes are available on our website or from your favorite pod-catcher. Take the time to listen to these classes online or download them to listen to later.


Thermal imaging

thermal imaging flyerAre you wondering what thermal imaging is? When Dr. James first mentioned it to me I sure did. We have been having clients get thermal imaging and the results are amazing! Dr. James can see issues up to 5 years before most other diagnostic tests can see the problem.  Thermal imaging not only can see where there are problems it can show where the problem is coming from like lymph draining, injures etc.

Check out our website to find out more information.

Spotlight on Detoxalation

Detoxalation helps to the body to get rid of harmful chemicals, inorganic metals, and other pollutants. Thus helping your kidneys, bowels, skin, and liver to be healthier. By ridding your body of the toxic load you will have an increased vitality, vitamins and minerals will be easier to assimilate, and you will be better able to absorb oxygen.  We recommend taking 10 capsules just before bed for 15 days once a year to keep your body clear of toxins and to have a healthier body.

Green Chili

Here in New Mexico we have green chili sauce running through our veins, we truly love the stuff.  If you can’t eat it with green chili in New Mexico then we might just pass on having it for dinner (or breakfast, or lunch, midnight snack…) This month we posted several green chili recipes on our Facebook page. Here are our favorites:


For our green chili week my kids insisted on these for breakfast.

Start by mixing up


• 1 1/2 cups cornmeal

• 2/3 cup flour

• 2 Tbsp baking powder

• 1 Tbsp coconut oil

• 2 eggs

• 2 cups milk

Blend all ingredients together. It needs to be a little on the thick side. (You can cook them just like this for your non chili lovers) if it is to thin add flour and if it’s to thick add milk. The chili might thin it a little.


• 1/4-1/2 cup roasted green chili chopped

• 1/2 cup grated cheese (I use half and half cheddar/mozzarella)

Stir until well mixed.

Cook according to your waffle irons instructions. Enjoy!!:0)



Today we made chili relleno toquitos and I think they are my new favorite. The crunch just pushed it over the top.


• green chilies roasted, peeled, with top removed

• Corn tortillas (flash fried)

• mozzarella cheese sticks

• coconut oil for frying

1)Stuff mozzarella stick in to a green chili

2)lay it on corn tortilla and roll it up tight

3) put a tooth pick in it to keep it from popping open

4) deep fry or bake until golden

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