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The Power of Thermography

This class was presented at Village Apothecary.
On October 2, 2014
Topics include:
  • Started as an herbalist
  • Word of mouth advertising
  • Start out making house calls
  • Train other alternative health care healers
  • Had to make own formulas to be sure of freshness
  • Problem with teas (sticks and twigs)
  • Hock and spit
  • Formulas are for systems not symptoms
  • Difference between herbals and the “other guys”
  • Herbs nourish the body so the body can heal itself
  • Thermography
  • confirms intuition
  • Thermographic camera
  • 7 degrees difference in the picture
  • vegamite (blah)
  • Arthritic pain levels
  • pain says slow down and stop
  • autoimmune disease means there is a deficiencies
  • Nutritional sulfur
  • chlorine
  • Thermography of the head