Wisdom of Wellness ebook

sm WoW CoverI help people from all walks of life to regain their health. My years of experience and knowledge on diet and health are all combined in this one book ‘WISDOM OF WELLNESS’ (WoW). Over 130 pages of invaluable information to help you gain control of your health. What would take you many months of visits in my clinic and thousands of dollars in consultations is all in this Ebook written special for you. I want you to have the health and figure of your dreams!

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“Oh my goodness I was afraid it was going to be nasty tasting diet food. The recipes were simple and the food was amazing.” M.G. from NM


“Dr. James’ writing style makes it so easy to understand and apply his program.” E.M. from Co.


“I was leant the ‘Wisdom of Wellness’ book by a friend that said it had changed his life. I had not completed it before I purchased my own and another for my sister.” J.C. from Co.