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Harmonious Food Combinations PH food_combining_chart (Direct Link)

This video explains the food combining chart and how to use it:

This chart has changed the lives of so many people. Avoid eating foods from the protein and starch sections in the same meal. The second page shows the environment necessary for digestion.

There are really only three groups of food: Concentrated Protein, The Neutral group, and Concentrated Starch. The foods in a particular group are listed together because they all have the same  requirements to be digested and used by the body. Let’s break the groups down a bit:

Group #1 Concentrated Protein

Mammal, fowl, fish, eggs, cheese

Group #2 Neutral

Vegetables (fresh), nuts & seeds (raw), fermented foods, sprouts, sweeteners, fats & oils, herbs, spices & sea salt, corn

Group #3 Concentrated Starch

Grains (whole), potatoes, legumes (dried), fruits