We are a health clinic in New Mexico. We have clinics in Albuquerque. Laguna, Farmington and Cedar Crest. We also offer training seminars throughout New Mexico


Our Mission
To motivate & empower people everywhere with the skills and confidence
to care for themselves and their loved ones.
Our staff is completely dedicated to helping you understand and use the skills, herbs/vitamins, etc. that this Clinic offers.


The Health & Weight Loss Clinic is an alternative health care clinic specializing in you and your family’s needs, in personal well-being, health, nutrition and improvement. It is our goal to touch and educate individuals and families, to give you the ability to take control of your own health.

Our Values

Create a high standard of patient care & training.
Provide incredible service.
Develop deep and trusting relationships with clients and students.
Deliver a first-rate, safe & moral learning environment.
Educate the masses.

Our Principles
Honesty & Integrity
Agency & Accountability
Efficiency & Dedication