Stress Class September 11, 2014

In this class we discussed stress:

  • Stress is life
  • There is Positive stress and Negative stress in our lives
  • Exercise helps to reduce stress
  • Change your rhythm
  • A bedtime ritual can help reduce stress
  • The mind and body are opposite; when you use your mind the body rests, when you use your body your mind rests.
  • When you wake up at 4:00 AM write your inspirations
  • Get whole complete grain in your diet
  • VItamin E comes from wheat germ
  • Fortified flour = – 17 vitamins + 3
  • Revitalize rancid grain by toasting it.
  • Cook your grains.
  • Grains are high in the B-Complex vitamins
  • The B vitamins are used up in our bodies during stress.
  • Hypocrites Tea will renew the digestive tract
  • Stress in a dry blood slide
Stress in Bry blood slide

Stress in Bry blood slide

  • Lack of B vitamins
  • Toxic Bowel
  • Lack of oils in the diet
  • Two main reasons for illness
    1. Not enough vitamins and nutrients
    2. Not getting rid of enough waste
  • Food today is toxic
  • excitotoxins and nerves
  • symptoms of excitotoxins
  • Watch out for Natural Flavors on the package
  • Segment your day
  • Salt and the cells
  • Sodium Potassium Pump
  • Potassium is in fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds
  • Rebounding produces more mitochondria in the cells giving you more energy

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